How It Started

The Elevated Dental Arts team is made up of many individuals that previously worked in a dental office setting, we have previous assistants and front office personnel. One day while eating lunch, we were talking about cases that tugged on our heart strings. We discussed how wonderful it felt to be able to help people achieve optimal oral health and help create healthy beautiful smiles. We then started discussing how hard it was to turn away certain cases because patients could not afford the treatment. Discussion turned into action, and Saving Smiles was created! We created a program that allows dentists and their team members to be able to submit a patient in need directly to our lab and allow us to create a beautiful denture at no cost.

Here at Elevated Dental Arts our mission is to Love, Care and Serve. This program allows us to serve our community members across the Front Range! We select a new patient the second Thursday of every month. Patient profiles must be submitted by the 5th using our online link. If your patient is selected, we will work closely with your office to coordinate appointments and patient care. We will provide the denture at no cost to the office. All we ask is that dental offices be selective and only recommended patients truly in need.