Elevated Dental Arts mission is to craft high quality custom dental appliances to all dental practices we serve daily. We rely on all our clients to provide to us the best quality impressions and models.

Please read the following disclosure if you should have any issue with our product.

Elevated Dental Arts will evaluate all warranties and remakes on a case by case basis and require all original models and appliances to be returned before any credits are issued. We reserve the right to correct any defects.

If the appliance is received within 15 days of the invoice date, we will remake the appliance at no charge with the following exceptions:

  • The appliance fits the original model, but not the mouth.
  • Damage exceeding normal wear.
  • The appliance is altered.
  • Incorrect shade was selected by the patient and / or the doctor.
  • Changes from the original lab script; shade or product.